Wednesday 20 February 2013

What You Doing Wednesday Week 47

Good morning everyone!
Hope your week is going well.

Things have been a bit stressful.
My poor little man
hurt himself.
He tripped up with things in his hands
and made a right mess of his face.

It's getting better but it has set off nose bleeds.
He is having one or two each day.
If it doesn't settle down he'll have to go to the doctors.

On a brighter note hubby has been doing loads of overtime.
As I struggle with housework I talked him into a steam cleaner.
We'd never had one and so far I'm finding it a very useful investment.

Our dog Benji loves to sit on the back of the couch
and look out of the window.
The big problem is the mess from his nose.
I don't have the strength to clean it off
but I don't need strength anymore.
This is the window before cleaning
And this is the window sill

The steam cleaner has an attachment especially for cleaning windows.
This is what it look like afterwards.
No muscles used and it cleaned it extremely quickly.

I have also used the mop attachment to clean out hardwood floors.
It's fantastic! It even cleaned up the ingrained mud
that I hadn't been able to get rid of all winter.

I would highly recommend a steam cleaner.
I can't wait to have enough energy to see
what else I can clean in the house.

The other fantastic thing about steam cleaners
is they kill the germs with the heat of the steam.
You don't need any chemicals to get your house clean.
I have asthma and struggle using most household
cleaning products.
I don't need to worry anymore!

Now here is what I am making:
I'm making progress with my dungarees.
You'll have to wait till Friday to see my cardigan
as it's finished :-)

If you are a designer or blogger
& you would like some more free exposure
then I have an offer for you.
I am looking for guest bloggers for my Saturdays posts.
The dates are now open from
March 16th onwards.

I am opening it to my readers 1st
so if you want a spot just email me:
susand1408 at gmail dot com

You are able to post about anything you want.
It's a blank paper and you can 
write what you want.

I hope you like the new web design.
I am trying to learn how to program it myself
but at the moment I'm winging it.
I'm hoping that the designs and the blog will only get better.

Now I told you about:

Storybook Felts

I would highly recommend going
over and checking out Melissa's new designs.
They are fantastic!

Now it's your turn to share what you are doing.
It doesn't have to be crochet, anything you are making
is perfect.

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  1. Oh your son's face does look sore. I hope it improves quickly and the nosebleeds stop. I've often thought about investing in a steam cleaner. My son has asthma and we have to be really careful with cleaning products. Reading you blog I think it would be a useful investment. Thanks for hosting today.
    Ali x

  2. Poor guy. I hope he is doing much better today! I got a steam cleaner several years ago but it dripped and the heat was burning my hands. I guess it was faulty. I have Crohn's Disease so any info on easy cleaning is a blessing to me! What does your cleaning unit look like? Mine was a hand-held thing.

  3. Ali,
    It was very sore. Luckily he is on the mend now. Touch wood he hasn't had one yet today. I must admit it has been a brilliant investment and it wasn't that expensive. I have more information on tomorrow's post. I love the fact that all the germs are killed and I'm not wheezing. Up till now hubby has had to clean the bathroom etc as I can't breathe as soon as the cleaner is sprayed. It does drip when using the handheld part which is a bit of a pain but the benefits out way it all.

  4. Susan,

    He is doing much better thank you! i have more information on the steam cleaner on Fridays post. Hope it helps.