Wednesday 29 February 2012

Sorry no WIP

Welcome everyone to WIP Wednesday
Only problem I don't have any pictures.
My hubby took the day off work as our bed was being delivered.
I dreamed of:
Odessa Divan Bed

But I got:

Yes that's right NOTHING!

We had an original date for the 8th Feb and that got
cancelled about 2 days before
It was rearranged for the 29th Feb and they will ring you before 10:30am
with a time slot.
No phone call
I rang them and the first person put me on hold for 10mins and then cut me off
Rang again the second person put me on hold for 15mins and then cut me off
Rang again and asked to speak to a manager and they said they would ring me back
They rang me back to say they had "lost my order"
But don't worry they can order another one (bearing in mind I have now been waiting 2 months already).

Our previous bed was a wooden bed so my husband had spent the morning taking it to pieces.

So now I have a mattress on the floor and no bed.

Everytime I walk into the bedroom I burst out laughing.

Oh well I think I'm on a hunt for a new bed.
Should be interesting getting into bed with the pain in my leg
but i don't care it's just too funny.
It could only happen to us!

Anyway I might not have any WIPs to show but I bet there are some other fantastic ones to check out:

Tuesday 28 February 2012

Thank You

If you don't laugh you'll cry!

Ok at the moment I'm doing both!

Things have been getting on top of me and I decided I was going to write about it here.
One thing after another built up and I lost it.
I was crying whilst writing the post it had got to me so much.
Then the computer crashed and I lost everything I typed.
Instead of crying more I decided to laugh.

Sometimes in life everything just keeps kicking you!
There is nothing you can do to stop it and it's usually the people who do the right thing it happens to!

I worry about everything

  • Is my taking holidays instead of sick going to cost me everything?
  • Will I end up loosing my job and everything else with it?
  • Will me typing this blog and using the internet be used against me?
  • Will my husband stay with me when I am just a burden?
  • Will my son loose out on a lot of things in life because of my illness
  • Will my illness mean I miss out on things my son does.
  • Will I fail to meet the standards for benefits if I loose my job
  • Will we loose the house.
  • Should I fight this disability even more so that I become more disabled and then I meet the guidelines?
There is one common thing with the above, I can't really do anything to change it and even if I did i would probably end up worse off.

This crash has made me realize a few things.  If I carry on fighting this disability I will end up more disabled than I already am.
It would not be fair to me, my son or my husband if I end up bed bound just so I can tick a box on a form to get help.

Someone said to me a while ago:
"shouldn't your house be kept as clean as possible as you are so prone to catching infections"
HOW THE H**L can I keep a house clean and spotless when I suffer from CFS.
The fatigue in itself, not counting the pain and everything else stops me from doing that.
I haven't hoovered my stairs for 6 months because when I do it takes me out of action for 3 days.
I have to do what I can when I can.
My husband has already taken on the sole responsibility for walking the dog twice a day.
Preparing most of the meals. Doing most of the shopping.
Cleaning the kitchen, bathing my son.  he even gets my son changed at swimming because I struggle.
That's because what is the point in putting you down with my problems.
I am who I am and I have dealt with this disease for 6 years on my own.
I don't shout from the roof tops but I think I'm going to start!
Yes I do go on the computer, yes I do enter giveaways but that's because
I try to find positive things I can manage!
I love life, I love making things and I love things other people have made.
I love the smile in my sons eyes when he has made something with me.
I love talking to my blogger/internet friends and the blogger/internet world.
You have made an isolated lonely person feel loved, appreciated and alive!

I really want to thank you all for making me
realize that enjoying what you can when you can
shouldn't be wrong and that I am worth something!

I'm sorry this is another rant and another wordy one at that
but I wanted you to know that in a short space of time you
have helped me so much!
I am having the biggest crash of this disease, I may have more serious conditions as well
and yet I have managed to carry on thanks to you!

I hope to find some crafty time and energy soon and provide you with another free pattern.
I hope to do it soon just to say thank you for being there!

P.S.  I am waiting on some things being delivered but as soon as they are I will be having
a giveaway just to say thank you as well.


Monday 27 February 2012

Happy Monday

Good Morning everyone
Hope you are having a good day!

I dosed up on pain meds yesterday evening so managed
to get some sleep and feel better for it.

I am so excited about the house and what I have planned :-)
Hubby was questioning who was going to do all the work
Him of course :-)

Our new bed is coming on Wednesday so I am really excited.
About 5 years ago we spent a fortune and bought
one of the really expensive matresses that
molds to you.  It had springs under the foam as well
so it was meant to be the best of the best.
As you can guess from what I am saying it wasn't.
The foam decided it didn't like moulding to us
it decided it was better at the side of the bed.

As I am having a few issues with balance and judging where things are
we decided to get a whole new bed.
The one we have at the moment is low and has a wooden surround.
My legs are full of bruises from walking into it.
We are getting a divan and this time we have made sure we got a guarantee.

On Saturday I picked up a wonderful package:

it was my winning from:

I think I am going to make a tote bag as my first sewing project - wish me luck!

I had some other fantastic news of some other things I managed to win:
Supplied by: Mountain States Rosen

I won this beautiful bracelet and cards from

A Naked Binder
and the prize was provided by:

This beautiful card from:

I can't believe I'm so lucky!

If you would like to join in some of the world wide giveaways I've found just come on over
to my new blog:

I also got another fantastic surprise this morning:
awarded me:

Thank you ever so much!

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I have thanked Laydilyke
I have linked back to her log
 have copy and pasted the Liebster award
Now I just need to pick 5 out of the wonderful blogs that I read:
Please go to Laydilyke
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I am also joining in a blog hop for Bloglovin:

Sunday 26 February 2012

Sunday house update

Little Red went to Granny & Grandad's
yesterday for the day and a sleep over
As I didn't have him in tow I thought I would go on my first outing since my CFS crash
OK it wasn't a complete hit, a lot of pain for the day and
up most of the night and not even my strongest pain meds helped.

Oh well it was successful in the fact that my ideas for the living room are coming together:

the pictures aren't the best but we are using green as our brighten up colour

We got a throw which is the perfect colour

the wallpaper

and 2 cushions that are just perfect.
The rug is ordered.

Now all I need is hubby to do the hard work and I am sure it will look great.

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that have been added today:

Saturday 25 February 2012

Guest Blogger Week 5 Crochet Dyverse

I would like to say a big welcome to this weeks Guest Blogger Anne from Crochet Dyverse

I live in Kenya, twenty five years old, and I totally love crocheting but I usually knit, sew and also do jewelry. I find it easier crocheting than knitting. So I decided to start a blog and share most of my creative works. It has been a journey that has helped me grow. I have also made lots of friends through this and I am not planning to stop crocheting and blogging here are some photos some in my blog and some are not.
This is me we went for a class trip to Lake Bogoria or a class

One of my most amazing bags I have made

And some crocheted earrings

I am doing a tutorial of how to make a crocheted belt for this guest blog post.
Ø  Left over yarn (two colors) I used black and grey
Ø  A buckle

Ø  A needle

Ø  A crochet hook

Make sure that the yarn is heavy and the size of hook is proportionate to the thread for the right tension. The trick is to ensure that the belt does not stretch out.

Chain eleven stitches with the first yarn. (Or depending on the size of your buckle and how wide you want your belt.)
Dc on the second chain  ,  all through there after and turn. *chain one and dc till the end and turn*
Repeat ** till the length of belt you want
Then change to the other yarn (different color) till the length of the previous color
Now you have your belt twice the length you need
Press the belt so as to ensure the two colored stripes are equal
Place the buckle in the middle of the belt and do even running stitches just below it
The do even running stitches all over the belt using the main color thread
And voila you got your amazing crocheted belt

I hope you enjoyed that tutorial. The pattern is not yet tested so it might have some errors but since it’s an easy one you can make it work. I am wearing my belt with jeans. Wear it with something else and be creative

Am looking for more followers on my blog on
And more likes on my facebook page you can find the button on the right side of my blog, and if you want me to follow your blog, leave a comment on my blog am always eager to find new blogs..

Good day people!

Please all say a big thank you to Anne for her wonderful post!

Don't forget to join in the giveaways:

& the blog hops:

Beauty Brite Weekend Gathering Hops

Friday 24 February 2012


A while ago I set-up a giveaways page on this blog
This has been really popular but I have made some new decisions
I have decided to set-up a new blog just for the giveaways.
I hope you will come over and join in the fun

I am writing a post for each competition end date.
this way you will be able to receive posts
with the giveaways on

I have been thinking about it a lot and having a page means
people have to go and look for the giveaways each day

This way I am hoping you'll receive the post and be able
to enter in anything you fancy.

I hope you will come and join me!

If there is anything you want changing just let me know

I am going to leave the giveaway page open until the last
giveaway on there is finished.

FO Friday 24/02/12 & Crafting with Children & Board Games

Well I haven't got anything for Finish off Friday
I've got a couple of things that I 
hope will be finished for next Friday.
In the meantime I thought
I would show you
the crafting with children that I did with Little Red

This does use yarn so it may count :-)

We decided to use my scraps of yarn and make them into a yarn picture.

Items needed:
  • colouring picture
  • yarn
  • pva glue
  • plastic cover (optional)
  • paper plate
  • brush
  • sizzors

First off all download a free colouring sheet from the internet
We choose Little Red's Favorite character Peso from Octonauts

After the printing I set the table up
Plastic cover for table (does involve pva glue)
put pva glue on the paper plate
bits of yarn

First you get your picture

Put PVA glue on the brush

Put the Glue on the picture

Cut some of the yarn into pieces

and stick to the picture

Little Red choose the colours for his picture
the only thing I helped with is cutting some of the yarn to pieces

We also used some pieces that had been knitted but 
weren't used.  We cut these up for the sea.
The only thing left to do now is let it dry

I haven't finished my book yet but I am nearing the end so I will hopefully be able to review it next week.

We love playing board games in our house so I thought I would review each
one as we play it.
We have 6 shelves of games to play with Little Red

The first one we played was:

Pop to the Shops
from orchard toys
2-4 players
age 5-9

I love this game because it teaches children all about money.

You have a board with each of the 4 shops on.
we still play with all 4 shops no matter who is playing

You each get a set amount of money

each time you pass the bank you get 20p

The object of the game is to sell and buy as many items as possible.

Each shop is a different type Bakery, Greengrocer, Newsagent & Mini Market
different items cost different amounts.
You pick a card turned face down and you have to go and buy that item.
We tend to put the card back if it is from your shop.
Little Red does tend to get fed up before the game is finished.
The positives of this game is he learns to learn what different coins are
you have to learn adding and subtracting
You get an understanding of how much things cost.

Now I hope you'll pop over and see some people who have
some FOs

By the way I am sorry if I haven't been commenting on other peoples blogs
as much lately.  Please know that I do read them
but I am having a lot of problems with my CFS
I took Little Red to the duck pond round the corner yesterday
I only just made it there.  I thought I was going to collapse the fatigue got so bad
Luckily they have a bench so I spent about half an hour recovering before setting off home.
Benji was really good and sat by my side whilst I rested.
There were other dogs about, people, children, ducks and he still sat there

Little Red had fun feeding the ducks

and then when it was all finished
we made our way back home.
It was nice to see some sunshine but
scary how bad my fatigue has got!

Also if you are on facebook don't forget to
come and check out our crochet group.
You are allowed to post about what ever you want as long as
it involves crochet.

Wednesday 22 February 2012

Wednesday WIP 22/02/12

I would like to thank you all for your kind comments!
I went to the doctors today for a routine injection
and decided to bite the bullet and ask what
the neuro specialist letter said:

It informed the doctors that I was having an MRI
a nerve conduction test
& a electromyography test (really don't like the sound of this one)
It then gave a history of my conditions
& then it said something like:
A loss of c spine nerve conduction had been confirmed
I may not have the right words but it was something like that.

I'm not going to find out anything else now till I've completed all my tests.
I just don't know how long I'm going to have to wait to hear the results.
There is nothing I can do about it now so I'm going to put it to the back of my mind
and get on with living :-)

On the living note I have got some fantastic ideas in my head.
It may take me a while to get them out of my head and onto my hooks
but hopefully now I'm signed off and resting I might
be able to get over this crash!

I went to my mums for the day yesterday.
Little Red is off school for half term & I was struggling a bit.
Since being ill at the weekend his attention span has been really short
He has also been really really bouncy!
I dropped hubby off at work and then went to my mums after rush hour
It's the most I've driven since I got ill and it did take it out of me.
We went for a short walk to get Little Red to run off some of his energy.
That knocked me off my feet for the rest of the day!
It was worth it, Little Red seemed to calm down a bit.

Some of the things came that I won!
It was so exciting to come home and have parcels to open
First was the glass heart I won:
This was made by:

Sorry the pictures are playing up again!
The heart looks fantastic.
I've already started wearing it :-)

This is the print that I won from
I just couldn't believe it when I opened the package!
She not only sent the print I won she also
sent a wooden cat broach that is ever so cute,
a keychain heart and a beautiful card!

Then I wake up this morning to find I have won:
the giveaway was held and supplied by:

I am just so blessed and so lucky!

Now onto my WIPs

I have made a small amount of progress on my african flower blanket.
I have a few more ready to attach.

I have made a bit more progress on my 2nd blanket.

Come back on Friday and you never know I might have a little something
finished for Friday ;-)

I've just received a wonderful email from Anne from Crochet Dyverse.
She is doing posts about blogs that she likes and what
she likes about them.
The most wonderful thing is she picked me!
Little old me :-)
Please click on the link to check it out:

Blog Viewer

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