Saturday 9 February 2013

Guest Blogger Week 51 Stormy's Crochet

I would like to say a huge welcome
to Diane

First I'd like to thank Sue for this opportunity as a guest blogger, I've never done one before and I appreciate her invite so much!

My name is Diane Buyers, aka Stormy'z Crochet.  I taught myself how to crochet from a "how to" book in 1991 and quickly fell in love with the craft and wound up crocheting so many afghans for my niece and nephew, my sister finally said..."enough!", lol. I then switched to making stuffed animals, I don't believe they were labeled "amigurumi" then. I started designing my own patterns a few years later. Besides crochet, I am also an animal lover and am owned by 3 cats, a rat and a gerbil. 

I have been designing amigurumi patterns for the most part, along with a few scarves and items for cats. My favorite ami's to design are cats, bunnies and dragons. I prefer to create cute designs rather than realistic, mainly because I like cute!!

I haven't really created many designs over the last year and half because of health issues, but am currently getting back to it and have a couple of new patterns that just need to be typed up and tested. :)

I currently have an Etsy shop and a shop on Ravelry, which can be found here:

I also have a website that contains all of my many free patterns as well as other crochet related stuff, here is the link:


I would like to say a huge thank you to Diane.
I love your designs and so does my son :-)
Please say thank you to Diane and visit his sites!


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