Monday 4 February 2013

Valentines Day is coming

As you can see I've decided to
update my blog with a Valentine theme.
To carry on the theme
I thought I would show you my
Valentines display
& how I made it.

I have 2 Valentines Wreaths.
Both Use my Valentines Heart Pattern:

Ch 2
1)      10dc in 2nd ch hk, ss to join.
2)      (5dc in 1st st), 3dc,(5dc),ss to join
3)      Ch 1, sc in next st, 3x(2sc in st), 5sc, (sc,dc,sc), 5sc, 3x(2sc in st), sc, ss

This wreath is a polostyrene ring
with white yarn wrapped round and round.
You then add as many hearts as you prefer.

The 2nd wreath is a wicker wreath 
that has just had a couple of hearts added.

The dangling hearts
are just made by making a ch 
and sewing on as many hearts as you want.

The photo frame
just has 3 hearts cut out of fabric
that have been blu-tacked on.
I use blu-tack so they are easy to remove.

I used the same fabric hearts with a piece of string through
to make the garland of hearts

I have a cream rose 
made from the free pattern:


And the red rose I made from the Mollie Makes Magazine

I also have a granny square using red and cream
to match the Valentines theme

Don't forget there is also a free 


  1. So pretty, Sue! I love the little heart banner and the roses! Your wreaths are great too! Beautiful decorations! Hope you have a great week!

  2. Karen,

    Thank you ever so much! Hope you had a good week and have a fantastic weekend.