Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Lessons Learned - Blogger Hints & Tips

I am hoping you will use this post
to share the little things
you've learnt about blogging
that you think bloggers need to know.

The reason behind this is I am not HTML trained.
I haven't really looked deeply
into how to do things on my blog.
It's all been a bit hit and miss.

I've now been told I've been causing issues.
It turns out you shouldn't copy and paste 
anything from an office product.
If you are going to copy and paste
put it in notebook first
and then alter the format etc.
Apparently office puts loads more code in that causes
the size of the post to be larger.

This can cause problems with feedburner and reader etc.

There is another way of making the size of the posts smaller as well for
feedburner. Just follow the link below and follow the instructions:

How can I reduce Blogger's feed size below FeedBurner's 512K limit?

Now if you have anything you found out that
you want to share please comment or link below.

If this becomes popular I might start
doing it as a monthly feature.

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  1. I wish I knew more about html too. I did learn how to resize things like videos I've put on my blog by looking at the html, seeing the size and decreasing the dimensions evenly like by 1/3 or 1/2. For some reason, some codes list the dimensions twice instead of once and you have to make sure you change both sets of dimensions. I'm glad you made this post and I'm looking forward to seeing what others have come up with.