Friday 13 April 2012

I've made Friday Week 4

Wow I can't believe we are upto week 4 already!
Thank you all for sharing this journey.

I don't have any crocheted items to show you this week
as they are all presents and I can't show you them till they have been given.
You'll just have to wait and see ;-)

Little Red was up at 5am this morning!
Doesn't he realise there should only be one 5 in a day and it isn't in the morning.
The worst thing is he is all cheerful and happy and bouncy!

I had a bit of a downer on Wednesday!
I got attacked on facebook.
I had posted a link to the Pattern Post on Tuesday
to a group to see if anyone wanted to know about it.
I got verbal abuse off someone.
I left the group after leaving a short message to say why I was leaving.
I thought that would be an end to it but no they then posted on my wall with more abuse.
I replied and yet again thought that was the end of it.
Another message was then posted attacking some of the guest bloggers.
That was enough! I wasn't taking anymore chances.
I emailed the person directly warning them to stop and then blocked them from contacting me.
I am hoping this is the end to the situation but it does leave a question.

Is it ok to post a link to your blog on a facebook group?
This is my reasoning behind why I do:
I only usually post links to guest bloggers or free patterns i.e. Tues post
I have been added to nearly 100 groups so can't interact with them all.
I only have so much energy so the blog comes 1st & this way I can interact with more people.
I do have my own group where I allow everyone to post anything as long as it's to do with crochet:

What do you think?

Also how much do you think is a fair price to pay for a crochet pattern?

Now I may not have any crochet to finish but I do have the Easter Decorations that Little Red Made:

We haven't decorated them all as we wanted to do different types of decoration on different days.
Little Red painted them all himself.
I know they won't look as good as they could but I love having things that
he made all by himself.
If you want to see how we made them:

Also go and take a look because I've been featured:

I have finished one book this week but you'll have to wait till
Monday as I've used it for my "Review Monday".
I am still reading Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead.
If you like a Vampire book I would highly recommend this series.
I'll tell you more once I have finished it.

Now go and take a look at what some things other people have been making
& Link up what you have been making
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  1. Sorry about your FB problem.
    The bullying is not cool.

    My blog links in to FB via Network Blog and there have been times I link it it to a Page or Group that I'm not the admin of if it is appropriate. I've never had an issue.

    Don't let them get you down. They feel safe being mean because they are hiding behind a computer screen.

    1. Thanks for that.

      To be honest I brushed it off when it was about me. I only got mad when it started on about guest bloggers.

  2. wow so many different ways to celebrate the start of the weekend!

  3. If I wake up before seven and make motions to get up, DH usually says "What time is it?" I might respond saying 5:30, and he says "Nooo, there's no such time!" I guess some people really aren't morning people.

    Sorry about the cyber-bullying. The best thing you can do is take steps to block that person and report the abuse - sounds like you're already doing it. Why is it the negative people are so often more vocal than all the nice people?

    1. I don't mind 7am but 5am is pushing it :-). I prefer mornings to late nights. I feel like I have a whole day in front of me if I get up in the morning but staying up late I feel like I am missing out on my sleep.

      Thanks, it looks like it is the end of it and if it isn't she isn't getting through so I don't know about it. I just can't understand how people can go through life like that. If you give out positive it makes life feel so much better.

  4. I'm glad that you haven't heard from this unpleasant person again. I think of the craft-blog world as entirely benign and can't understand why anybody would want to make it otherwise! I have only just found your blog but will enjoy getting to know it better.

  5. Oh, I loved playing with salt dough as a kid! The ornaments are great, I really love the way the chicks and bunnies turned out. I'm tempted to go check out Vampire Academy now...

    1. Thanks ever so much! The Vampire Academy is a fantastic series of books. I am going to read another book in-between but then I'm on to book 2.

  6. Eh... Facebook is a rough place sometimes. There's a lot of unhappiness out there. Try not to let it get you down. I don't think posting a link is bad if it's appropriate (and it sounds like you only share SHARING posts). They'll get over it. I usually charge about $4 for a crochet pattern. If it's an insanely intense one with lots of pages and whatnot... maybe $6, but I haven't had the time to design those types in quite a while.

    1. Thanks ever so much. I was fine when it was only directed at me, don't know her and didn't want to. It only bothered me when she started publicly attacking my guest bloggers. Thanks for that.

  7. Oh how stupid. Why shouldn't it be fine to post a link to your blog on facebook? I do it all the time, especially for my books and the articles I write on my author blog. I guess it depends on the group you're posting too. There is no real protocol that I know of for Facebook manners or whatever. And even if there were, people who write nasty things to ANYONE are breaking far more rules than whatever little thing they're on about.

    The reality, though, is this: there are tons of weird and terrible people posting to Facebook - the ease and personal anonymity allow personalities that would never dare even speak up in real life to express abusive, angry, cruel, and usually deeply stupid things and feel safe. If you post to a group of people who are not actual friends of yours, you ALWAYS leave yourself open for abuse. I had someone threaten my life once; as he lived in Iceland, I wasn't over worried - but I got him kicked off the site anyway. But the fact of the matter is that you do, when you are present in a venue of this nature, always run the risk of hooking the attention of a creep.

    So it's your call - if you want to make a broadcast invitation, you have to expect dross. And simply deal with it without letting it insert itself into your real, personal life. We have a tendency to pick our circle of real people, to invest in those we know in an active, socially intimate way. Some of us even allow nasty people into that circle because they happen to be family - but at least you know what to expect. These are the real world people who can help or hurt you. But words on a screen can be purged almost before you read them. They always sting and stain the soul for a while, but you have to realize that they are NOT significant. You have to responsibility to answer such a person, or even to justify yourself as if they have some wisdom or authority. You have to learn to brush them off like wasps and not let them color your chemistry. The real people in your life - especially your children, do not need to live with a shaken mama because of a poor, emotionally crippled, jerk. Yes?

    And blocking her is NOT a mean thing to do. We are so careful not to be rude, that we allow ourselves to be taken advantage of. And your guest bloggers can block her, too.

    1. Thanks for your honesty! I have blocked them. I brushed off when she was attacking me, only got mad when she started attacking my guest bloggers. Looks like it's been the end of it.

  8. Sorry to hear you had trouble on FB. FB is a weird place and full of negative people, try not to let them get you down. I don't see why anyone has to get nasty over something that isn't hurting anyone (like a link to an innocent blog)

    Ya know...I've never played with salt dough. I'll have to remedy that soon.

    1. thanks ever so much! You will have to have a go with salt dough. When a 5 year old isn't involved you can make something really pretty with it.