Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Ron Weasley's Wand Review

I was just sooo excited to receive this wand for review.
I mean if a Prince can make a spell
with a Harry Potter wand why can't I?
The wand is made out of resin,
which Little Red was slightly disappointed at.
He thought the wand would be a "real" wand.
He thought as it was made out of resin it wasn't "real".
However he hasn't stopped playing with it since it arrived.
It is quite light so when you make your spells
you feel quite comfortable.
I love the detail of the wand
and the fact that they look like each characters wand.

I took it to pick Little Red up from school
and within seconds of him getting it
all his friends were crowded round him.
He has been casting spells ever since.
The wand is really good fun 
and great for any Harry Potter collector
or enthusiast.

I received the wand to review
I did not receive any money for the review
and all views expressed are my own.

Kiklops Dynamic also have available 
other Harry Potter Wands
(just click on the pictures for links)
Professor Severus Snape Magic Wand replica Harry Potter Hermione Granger magic Wand replica Harry Potter Luna Lovegood Magic Wand superior replica Harry Potter
Dumbledore Elder Wand superior replica Harry Potter Sirius Black magic Wand superior replica Harry Potter Harry Potter magic Wand superior replica
These are the ones in their etsy shop at the moment
but if you contact them they have the following wands:
Harry Potter's Magic Wand
Albus Dumbledore's Elder Wand
Voldemort's Magic Wand
Ron Weasley's Magic Wand
Hermione Granger's Magic Wand
Severus Snape's Magic wand
Luna Lovegood's Magic wand
Draco Malfoy's Magic wand
Sirius Black's Magic Wand
James Potter's Magic Wand (VERY NICE AND RARE!)
Bellatrix Lestrange's Magic Wand
Death Eater's Magic Wand (Stallion version)

I think if I were to choose another one I think I would choose Hermione's or Severus Snape's.
Which wand is your favorite?


  1. 'Looks like lots of fun! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

    1. Marci,
      It's lots of fun for Little Red, me however am spending most of the time as a statue or a frog ;-)

  2. Does it cast real spells? Has Little Red turned anyone into a frog? I'd be tempted to try if I was him. Great review :O)

    1. Of course they are real ;-). I have been turned into a frog a number of times. I have to ribbit :-). Thanks so kind ;-)