Friday 27 July 2012

I've Made Friday Week 19

Morning Everyone

Sorry my post is a bit later than normal.
We took Little Red to Legoland
for his birthday.
We only got back yesterday evening
so I am a bit behind.

He loved every minuet of it!
It was expensive and they did try and get more money off you
at every opportunity but it was fantastic!
We had 2 days there but by 3pm on the first
day I was about to collapse
& we left about 1:30pm
on the 2nd day so we could make our way home.

There was so much for him to do and he had such a great time.
He kept telling us it was his best birthday ever!
Sorry the picture is sideways blogger playing up again!

I made 2 new hats up this week.
I made a seal hat for 3 yrs+ 
& a Polar Bear hat for 3 yrs+

I also now have 3 pattern books
for purchase



I am in the process of finishing off a set for Owls as well.
I'll hopefully have them finished for the end of next week.

I still haven't finished my book yet
I will give my full latest review as soon as I've finished it.

Now it's your turn:

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  1. Ooh, I'm jealous of your trip to Legoland! ;) Despite not ever being a Lego fan as a kid, it seems like an awesome place to me as a (supposed) grownup!

    And that seal hat. Cutest thing ever, the smile and whiskers are just perfect.

    1. It was fantastic, they had thought about everything including how to get as much money out of you as possible ;-). It was awesome especially for the big kids :-).

      Thanks ever so much!

  2. Look at you, with patterns and books! Very nice. I like the seal and polar bear, too.

    1. Thanks ever so much. I've had the idea in my head for ages and decided it was time to get it out of my head and into reality :-)

  3. Your seal hat is so cute. Baby seals are so adorable I love them

  4. Sounds like you had great fun. I love the hats, most especially the polar bear. Hope you get to rest up this weekend.

  5. Wow, those hats are just brilliant, I love seeing them.

  6. I think Legoland would be the best birthday ever! That lego race car looks fantastic!
    Love the polar bear hat!

    1. legoland was perfect. He even told one of the employees it was his birthday and they got him a legoland birthday badge. The cars were even better! they had a full street set-up with electric cars for the kids. They got to drive them themselves which Little Red thought was fantastic!
      Thank you ever so much!

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  8. Great that you have your patterns for sale. Those Halloween patterns are my favorite.

    Sorry I'm late to the game, I traveled about 5 hours North for a fiber festival so I've had a busy day traveling and setting up my booth.

    1. Thank you ever so much. I hope you had a good time at the Fiber festival. I'm behind on replying thanks to my little man and my dog.