Friday 12 April 2013

I've Made Friday Week 54

Good Morning Everyone.
I hope you are all having a good week
and are looking forward to the weekend.

Our house has been a lot more peaceful
this week.
Hubby is back at work and Little Red is back at school.

I finished my Robot Blankie :-)
 I love how it turned out.
He is already in Little Red's bed.
This was a fantastic pattern to follow.
There are multiple pictures and the instructions are in both
written and chart format.
I made this from the One & Two Company pattern

I also finished my Ninky Nonk

I finished a dress from the

As you can see it's a fantastic pattern!
Lisa's patterns are so easy to follow, clear instructions and pictures to follow.

I forgot to show you this finish the other week
I made a Pterodactyl for Little Red for Easter.
I bought the pattern from
Be careful if you buy this set of patterns.
There is one listing for full price and one listing for 1/2 price.
I unfortunately paid full price.
I found quite a few errors in the Triceratops pattern
and a couple in this pattern.
I also couldn't follow or figure out the hands and feet
so made mine up myself.
I love the look of these patterns I am just disappointed that I
have to make so many amendments to them.

Now for my exciting makes!!!!!!
And a big confession.
I have never learnt to sew.
The other week Thursdays Handmade Love
theme was lambs/sheep
The Little Hibou Shoppe kindly
gave me a copy of the lamb pattern as a thank you for featuring their item.
This is a picture of their pattern:
Stuffed Lamb PATTERN - Sew by Hand Plush Felt Stuffed Animal PDF - Easy to Make
The pattern comes with full instructions!
It includes instructions for each of the stitches 
with full pictures and diagrams.
This is a fantastic pattern and even a beginner 
can make one!  How fantastic is that.
Now please take into account this is the first
time ever!
It only took a couple of hours to make
and for a first go I don't think my lamb looks too bad.
It's inspired me to sew again so watch this space!
I would highly recommend this and Tina's other patterns they are just as fantastic!
5 Hand Sewing PATTERNS - Cat Dog Kitten Puppy and Mouse - Make Your Own Pet Stuffed Animals - Easy 5 Arctic Stuffed Animal Hand Sewing PATTERNS - Make Your Own Hand-embroidered felt Polar Bear, Rabbit, Moose, Penguin, Seal - Easy 7 Woodland Forest Stuffed Animal Hand Sewing PATTERNS - DIY Owl Fox Frog Skunk Hedgehog Beaver Plushies - Easy
5 Farm Stuffed Animal Hand Sewing PATTERNS - Make Your Own Hand-embroidered felt Cow, Pig, Horse, Chicken, Lamb - Easy 5 Woodland Forest Stuffed Animal Hand Sewing PATTERNS - DIY Owls Hedghog Turtle Raccoon PDFs - Easy  5 African Safari Animal Hand Sewing PATTERNS - DIY Hand Embroidered Plushies - Lion, Gorilla, Elephant, Giraffe, Rhino - Easy
 Bird Christmas Ornament PATTERNS - Felt Birds, Birdhouse, and Acorn PDFs - Hand Embroidered - Suitable for Beginners 
My big decision will be which one I want to buy and make.
They are just fantastic designs.

This week I've been reading the Magic Tree House
books with Little Red
First we read Dinosaurs before Dark
This is a fantastic book!!!!!!!
Little Red loved the excitement and suspense.
In the first book a brother & sister (Jack & Annie)
find a tree house in their local wood.
In the tree house are books.
These books are magic and can take them to the places in the book.
In the first book Jack wishes he could fly on a dinosaur.
The imagination in the book is fantastic.
Little Red kept asking me to read more and more!
We have also read the 2nd book in the series:
Knights at Dawn
is book 2 in the series.
Jack & Annie whisk off to a castle where there is a great knight.
I won't give you any more information as I don't want to
spoil the story.
What I can say is Little Red was sooo excited to read these books.
If we hadn't finished the book before bed it was the
first thing he asked for in the morning.

I'm still listening to Walden so
I'll hopefully review it in full next week.

I have started my craftsy shuttle tatting course
I have finished the introduction & lesson one.
I have so far learnt how to wind my shuttle
& how to Tat Double Stitch
This might not look like much but I'm really proud of myself.
It's taking some getting used to.
I am so glad I am following the course.
I don't think there was anyway I would be able to learn it from a book.
I've been rewinding and watching all the way through.
I can't wait to start learning how to make the shapes.

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