Friday 25 January 2013

I've Made Friday Week 44

This week has been very snowy.
It's meant lots of curling up in front of the fire.

Little Red made a snow angel on the school yard (before school)
so I quickly took a picture before it disappeared 

Little Red trying to make a Snowman.
It's the wrong time of snow for making a snowman.
As soon as you try and shape it 
it falls to pieces.

As you know I was making a set for myself.
well it's all finished now.
I've designed and made
Hat, Flower, Cowl, Scarf & Fingerless Gloves.
I am calling the set
Snow Dream Set
I've put a button on the scarf so you can keep it round
your neck and you can add a flower to match the hat.

I have read:
Crochet Saved My Life
by Kathryn Vercillo and Julie Michelle 


This is a really interesting book
telling lots of different stories of 
how crochet (and knitting) have saved peoples live.
Kathryn herself has a story to tell
about how crochet brought her out of her depression
and aided in her healing.
There are amazing stories in the book.

Now  it's time to show off what you've been making
this week.
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