Friday 18 January 2013

I've Made Friday Week 43

Wow Friday already!
I hope you have all been having a good week
and have a fantastic weekend planned.

It's very cold in the UK at the moment.
It's so nice to have a bit of winter in winter.
It's a time to curl under a blanket, get your crocheting out
and sit in front of the fire.

This week wasn't as planned. 
I've let things get on top of me.
When I'm tired, suffering really bad fatigue
& aren't feeling very well these things happen.
My crocheting has been a lot slower
because of my illness.
The fatigue is so bad I am struggling to 
do anything.
It takes me all day to recover from walking
Little Red to school.
Then I have to pick him up again and I'm back to square one.

Luckily I feel like I'm coming out the other side.

I have been making but forgot to take pictures of them all.
Little Red is learning about Antarctica at school.
School asked me to make them some crocheted animals.
I made them a Penguin & a seal.
I might make more but I needed a break.
I didn't take any pictures.
However Little Red asked me to make some for him as well:
I made an adult Penguin, baby penguin & seal for him.
They are sat in their habitat that we made.
The cardboard Penguin is the one he made at school.
They want us to take the Penguin everywhere with us.
They forgot some of us are ill so aren't going anywhere.
I made these animals from the book:
Easy Crochet Critters
I just altered the pattern slightly to make the baby penguin.

I also designed myself a hat.
I should of been doing loads of other things
but I wanted to do something for me!
I love it. I think I'm going to design a matching cowl & maybe 
even a matching pair of fingerless gloves.
Now here is a warning, skim as a scary
photo of me to coming!
Yes those bags under my eyes are that big!!

I also managed to make a cowl to match:

I am in the middle of reading:
Crochet Saved My Life
by Kathryn Vercillo and Julie Michelle 

So far it's a really interesting read!
It's amazing to read everyones stories and how crochet helped them.


Even from what I've read already I would recommend this book.
I hope that it can help more people out there
that are suffering in silence.
Crochet can really save your life.

Now  it's time to show off what you've been making
this week.
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  1. How fun to make the penguins and seal to support what your little one is learning in school!! I bet he had loads of fun playing with them.

    Love your hat and cowl - very pretty - so impressive that you can just think of something you would like to have and then design and make it!!

    I can't find a place to link my projects - the widget doesn't work.

    1. Sorry, I’ve fixed mister linky. For some reason it keeps playing up! Don’t know why as all I do is copy the code over. I’ve done it again and it seems to be working.

      Thanks ever so much! Yes the school is very active in having themes for a term and teaching them around the theme. Last terms was London. They made big ben and houses on fire like the great fire of London. It’s good because it keeps the children interested and they can use the theme to teach anything.

      Thanks, I love learning new stitches so I can design new things. I am thinking of making a tester blanket and do each square as a different stitch. I have a book with 500 stitches in. It will take me a few years at least to make but I think it will give me more inspiration. I shouldn’t really as I have enough ideas in my head already that could last a life time.