Tuesday 17 January 2012

WIP Wednesday 18/01/12

Sorry for posting my WIPs on Tuesday I have been ill and got all my days mixed up

Life is about making a positive out of a negative.

If you only look at the negative things will always seem worse but if you find a positive out of something it will always make things look a little better!

Negative:  I have another throat infection and I have had to use the last of my leave as I'm not fit to work.
Positive:  I need to rest and relax so I'm spending time crocheting and everytime I finish something I feel like I've achieved and I feel much better in my mind.

Yesterday when I got home I decided to use the extra time to learn to Tunisian Crochet.
I bought a book when I was first learning to crochet because I loved the picture on the front.
The Book was:
Tunisian Crochet: The Look of Knitting with the Ease of Crocheting
By: Sharon Hernes Silverman

I haven't tried any of the patterns yet but the instructions for learning the basic stitches are very clear and they have good pictures to follow.

I can't show you what I made as my first try because I have finished it and my son has worn it to school.

My first impressions of Tunisian Crochet are really good.  It gives you a look of knitting but it grows as quick as crochet.  I want to learn as many stitches as possible because I really want to design something with it.

I am still going to carry on crocheting as I could never give that up and it makes it so easy to make hats.

Now it's time for my WIPs

These are going to be a pair of fingerless mittens for my son.
They match the item I made with tunisian crochet, you'll have to wait till Friday to see these and my tunisian crocheted item :-)
I bought the wool from either Lidl or Aldi last year.  I bought a 500g ball but I wish I had bought 2.  The colours look really good and I love making things with it.  My first ever item that I made for my son (a teddy) was made in the wool and I think it looks cute.

My other WIP is my balnket.  I am glad to say that I have made some more progress:

It's at least 3 times the size it was and there are 3 piles of ones partially made.
I'm really pleased with how it is going and how it's looking.

Please come back on Friday to look at my finished projects because I've got some Valentines items that I've been making. 

 I'm going to also try and get some mittens and hats made for my South African Project.
For anyone interested I haven't posted anything about this yet as I am waiting for the approval of the charity board before I can release the details for everyone.  As soon as I hear anything I will let you know.

Please take some time and go and look at the other WIPs linked to Tami's site.  Tami has some fantastic WIPs

Just a little extra, if you live in the UK Lidl are having a special on the 23rd Jan:



The 1st pack of 4 is £4.99 and the rest are £3.99 a pack of 4.
The question is how good can I be?


  1. Negative: No job.
    Positive: I get to stay at home and do what I love best- crochet & blog!
    I do not care for Tunisian crochet because it goes too slow for me, but I'm glad you enjoy it. Can't wait to see the finished results.

  2. I've stared and stared and stared at that book and have yet to purchase it so I'll be curious to how much you like it! I've played with Tunisian a small bit and would love to explore it more so I can't wait to see your progress with it!

  3. Charlotte - fantastic positive! Sorry about the negative but still a fantastic Positive. I like tunisian crochet because I struggle with knitting. I would love to be able to knit well but I think it's going to take a lot more practise. It's only a little something just to try a basic stitch but my son loves it :-)
    Nicole - the explanations are good and the patterns look good. I'll have to let you know how I go when I try and follow one of their patterns.

  4. I am SOOOO loving that blanket! And thanks for the heads up on Lidl :)

  5. Rock on! You've gotta have a positive attitude!
    And, crocheting always helps :)

  6. The blanket is looking good, coming along nicely. Good luck with your charity project. I have my own charity, Bridge and Beyond going on it's 4th year now. It takes a huge amount of time. Check it out, it's linked on my blog.

    You're playing The Glad Game...remember the movie Polyanna? I agree though, it's how you look at things. Hope you feel better soon.

  7. Thanks for lidl, I should'nt but I might just, it does'nt hurt to look! Very pretty blanket.

  8. They are all looking lovely. I have yet to look into Tunisian crochet but have seen some lovely things made by others - will look forward to seeing what you come up with.

  9. Sorry about your throat infection but it sounds like you're putting your time to good use. The blanket is soooo pretty!

  10. Thank you all for your wonderful comments! Sandy I already follow your charity - it's fantastic! Re lidl I'm still creeping to hubby to see how much I can spend :-), it just has to be done.
    i loved Polyanna as a child and think it's right. the vicar of our church school was always negative! I was tempted on a number of occasions to buy him the film. He used to shout about the people that hadn't come to church but never praised the ones that had. Things always seem better when you look at something positive.

  11. I love how that blanket is coming along. I hope you get feeling better.

  12. Love the colors in the blanket. :)

  13. I swear, you guys get all the best yarns, the best book covers, and the best condiments. I'm moving to the UK! *packs bags and wonders what a Yank's chances of resident alien status would be right now* *unpacks bags* *Damn*
    The Beauty of Eclecticism