Saturday 21 January 2012

Pattern Testers

I am looking for some pattern testers.
I am looking for 2 testers for each pattern
You can choose which pattern you would like to test.
You will have to supply your own yarn but you will get a copy of the finished pattern for your use.
You can use what ever colour you have available.
I want testers that are willing to say if anything is confusing or the pattern doesn't work.
All constructive criticism welcome.
The yarn is double knit which I think the equivalent is worsted yarn 3 or 4.
The pattern is in U.S. crochet terms.

Panda Hat Newborn-12months. You choose which size you prefer to make

Lion Hat 3yrs+  (I find the hat stretches to adult size)
Sew on Googly eyes required or you can design your own eyes

Lion Scarf

Cat Bib
Sew on Googly eyes required or you can design your own eyes

Approx. once a month I will post patterns that need testing.
So keep looking out for them.

I will also hopefully have a free pattern coming soon!
Watch This Space :-)

I supply you the pattern:- a pdf pattern by email
You make it with your own yarn
You advise me of any queries/problems/mistakes
When you have finished you supply me with a picture of what you have made
I post the picture on the blog so people can see your wonderful work
I supply you with the altered pattern for your own use.

If you are a tester of my pattern can you please follow this blog or like my business on facebook.


Just a note I supply the pattern for your use only but I don't mind if you sell the items that you make
Please if you do make the items for sale give credit to me as the designer :-)


  1. Hi there! I'd love to test your patterns for you. You can email me at aprile.mazey (at) Thanks!

  2. I now have all the testers for the panda hat pattern, all of the others are still available.

  3. I'll test the baby bib. btw Thanks for stopping by my blog ~ now I have a new crochet blog to follow.

  4. hi, i would like to test the pattern for you if there is something available.just e-mail me

  5. Sara, email sent with pdf attached. sent it to your mum with a hook email address if that is ok. Sue

  6. I'd love to test the panda hat if you need someone... any size... maybe newborn if no one has snagged it yet? Or whatever else you may have that no one has done! Thanks!

  7. do you need a tester for the lion scarf? they're all so cute. :)

  8. Sign me up! I will gladly test the lion hat and scarf! Karen K.

  9. if you need anymore testers im the one!! lol carol

  10. Nessa & Carol,
    If you email me susand1408(at)googlemail(dot)com
    I'll send you a copy of the patterns. Thanks Sue x

  11. I afraid anyone new that I won't need anymore pattern testers. Thank you everyone for your support! More patterns to test coming soon!

  12. If you do get stuck then let me know - Happy to help x

  13. I love your blog and I signed up to follow it! You've designed some cute things. You're an inspiration! I'm out of work with ovarian cancer so crocheting gives me something to enjoy while going through treatment. I also have a Just getting it started so check it out! Hugs!!!

  14. hi hun please could i test the panda hat pattern would love to see how it comes out thx sweetie suz xx