Friday 25 November 2011

FO Friday 25/11/11

Happy Finished Off Friday everyone.  Before I get to FO Friday I would like to let you know about my giveaway/competion. I am giving away 2 of my patterns.  The details are on my blog, just click on one of the pictures:

I've not been well (as per usual) but I have felt well enough to crochet.  Crochet is the thing that makes everything worth while.  No matter how sick I am, I can still pick up my crocheting and achieve something. 

This is a rabbit set.  The diaper cover has a bunny tail that is attached by a button so can be easily removed.

The view from the front

For the same order I made a girlie hat :-)

I Also made a little newborn hat for the school christmas fair

Sorry about the positioning of the pictures.  One day I'll figure how to fix this problem.

I hosting a stall at the christmas fair so I've been making some charm/ornaments

This is the owl design I came up with.
I used a couple of othr peoples patterns so I'll add the links to them later.
Just about to set off for the school run.

I'm back.  Picked my son up from school and then taken him to his swimming lessons.
This is the first chance I've had since getting back.

This week has been a bit of an inspiration week when it comes to patterns.
I like trying other peoples patterns but then I find myself going off and changing
it.  I do try and stick to the pattern but I am finding more and more that I end
up writing my own pattern anyway.  This isn't to say they aren't fantastic patterns
it's just I love to experiment!

The patterns I looked at fo my inspiration this week are:

Hope you are all having a great Friday!


  1. Oh, the little owl ornaments are just gorgeous!

  2. Thanks. I started by making Sheep Dog Fleece's owl ornament but it was slightly bigger than what I needed to make. I needed to make one that would fit through the charm hanger so kids could use it as an ornament or phone charm. I am hoping to design a penguin, santa, angel, snowman & reindeer as well to match as a set. I'm making penguins this evening.

    Thanks about the rabbit set. I wasn't sure how to make the pompom but my mum came to the rescue and gave me an easier and quicker way of making them.

    Thank you all for your support!

  3. What a lot of lovely work, but I love the little owls, very cute indeed!

    I don't always stick to patterns, but it's not because I'm clever it's because I'm not great at reading and I tend to guess a little too!

  4. Everything is so adorable! I've made reindeer hats for the grandkids and they just loved them!