Sunday 6 November 2011


I'm having a bad cfs day today and that's got me thinking. I've visited family today and although they knew I was tired I didn't let them know how bad I really am.  I do the same at work. If I've caught another infection I let them know or if I've got to go for treatment but on a daily basis, I don't tell them what is really going on. People don't want to know and i also think that i have this disability so i've got to get on with it. I know i am also one of the lucky ones as on a daily basis i can function better than some people.  This does however mean people don't see me as being affected.  They can't see the pain or feel the brain fuzz. They don't know that just putting one foot in front of the other feels worse than climbing a mountain. They just think it's funny that when i answer the phone i always say good afternoon instead of goodmorning. Other people think it's funny when i meant to say crisp in a sentence and i say square instead and don't realise. They don't know i can go into the cornet shop and when they ask for 75p I only give them 55p and they have to help me with the money.  People don't realise that when i went back to a supermarket that had been extended i can't go there anymore cause i can't cope with it.  I know they don't know this cause I don't tell them but i also know they don't really care anyway. Who wants to listen to someone who has always got something wrong with them? I just wish people sort of understood so that they didn't make it more difficult and saw that sometimes I do need help and what they are doing and saying makes me worse!


  1. This post tugged at my heart.. I also have CFS, Fibro & Arthritis. I understand how you feel. We live with these things every day. It's hard when you have an "invisible" condition.. Blessings to you..

    P.S. I also love to crochet!!

  2. Thank you ever so much. I'm still not well but feeling more positive in my mind today so things are looking up. Thank you for your words they meant a lot!

  3. Glad that you are feeling more positive.. That helps a lot, I know that.. Some days are good and some aren't very good at all.. The ups and downs.. When I hit that wall--watch out!! Thinking of you and hoping you keep moving forward!!