Monday 19 March 2012

Monday weekend review

Good Morning everyone!
I hope all of the U.K. mums had a fantastic mothers day!

I had a really good weekend but will need
the next week to recover :-)

Saturday we had to pop to the shops for my mums mothers day present.
I haven't really been to the shops since my crash started.
It was nice to do something normal but
of course I paid the price.
My mum loves her baths and had asked for bubble bath.
I went to the shop and they had so much choice
and they weren't very expensive so
I decided to treat her to 6 bubble baths.
Each one had a different smell so she can find out which one is her favorite.

I woke up yesterday and got breakfast in bed.
I could hear Little Red practicing
happy mothers day all the way up the stairs.
He had made me a card at school & hubby got him another one because he couldn't resist it.

Not only that but I got to choose my present (i.e. I bought it so I would get what I wanted :-))

I can't wait to give it a go!  I've never tried needle felting before.

Once hubby had walked the dog we all went to my mums for dinner.
We even took Benji.
We had a lovely roast lunch and Little Red spent most of the day
playing outside as it was actually sunny.
We were meant to be leaving earlier but my brother and his girlfriend were
popping round so we decided to stay.
Hubby and my dad sat watching the football (soccer)
whilst I finished a crochet project in the conservatory.
My mum played on the computer & watched Ice Age 3 with Little Red.
We didn't end up leaving till 5:30pm but it was a fantastic
relaxing day.
It was just what we all needed but it was early to bed for me.

I've had my blood test results this week and looks like I've got
to get back to the doctors.  Most of my bloods were fine but
my kidneys are working below normal.

I'm still having to ration my walking stick use.
I use the walking stick when I know I'll need it most.
So Saturday going out to get my mums present was one of those days.
The day after my hand, arm and shoulder are really sore
so yesterday was a no walking stick day.
I'm taking Little Red to school this morning so I'll use it then.
It is helping when I do use it.
When I limp all the time I get pain in my pelvis, hips and knees.
When I use the stick I only get the pain in my left leg which is due to the CFS.
The thing that is surprising me at the moment is I'm going through
so much and life is changing forever but I still feel so positive about the future!
I think it helps that I have a really good hubby who spent Saturday morning cleaning downstairs.
It looks so much better!  I hadn't been able to manage hoovering so it hadn't been hoovered for
quite a while.
It also helps I have a son that makes me smile all the time.
I wanted to get a good picture for mothers day but he was in a silly mood so this is what I got:

I can't believe he is only 5 years old.

I hope you had a really good weekend.
I've been testing a pattern for a friend and I'll hopefully have it finished this morning
so I'll hopefully post about it tomorrow.

Hope you have a good Monday


  1. What a cute boy! Btw, Live.Laugh.L0ve. sent me! :)

    1. Thank you ever so much! Welcome and I hope you enjoy the site!