Thursday 8 March 2012

The Good & the Bad

I'll start with the Bad and then I'll cheer you up with the good.

As you know I ordered a bed & that it didn't arrive.
What you didn't know was the company.
I wanted to give them a chance to redeem themselves
but as they have just made it even worse I thought it was about time that I outed them.

We went in at the beginning of January to Dreams Beds.
We ordered:

Thorndale Divan Bed

Now this wasn't cheap even though it was in the sale.
For the bed with 4 draws and the matching headboard
it was £1058.20
We ordered this on the 2nd Jan 2012 
and were told 2-4weeks delivery.
A couple of weeks later we received an text saying it was being delivered on the 8th Jan.
As you know I have CFS and we had a wooden bed that would need taking to pieces.
My husband took the day off so he could sort the bed out.
A couple of days before they changed the delivery date to the 29th Feb.
We took our bed to pieces on the day and waited.
The order said we would receive a delivery slot time by 10:30am 
so not to ring before then.
No phone call so I rang. 10mins hanging on the phone to be cut off.
I rang back again. I heard someone laughing in the background because
they had someone on hold for ages and they were about to cut them off.
I then got to hold for another 15mins before being cut off
The final call I asked to speak to a manager and the lady on the phone said she would ring me straight back.
They did ring back to say they had "LOST" our order.
They then advised us that they would have to order another one.
As you can imagine after waiting all this time and now having no bed I was very unhappy.
We sent numerous emails asking what was happening and asking for compensation.
My husband had used a days leave for nothing!
We are now sleeping on a mattress on the floor.
I advised them of my CFS and the nerve damage and that I needed something urgently.

Today we finally get a phone call!!!
Just letting us know our order was cancelled on the 2nd March.
They also informed me that as we didn't have an order with them we couldn't get compensation.
They said we could raise a new order which would be a 2-4 week delivery - make me laugh.
It's now the 8th March, I have no bed and no help from them at all.
I did inform them I would be seeking legal advise as they didn't turn up, they lost the order and they aren't providing a bed.


I can't comment on the quality of bed as I never received one!

Now the GOOD!

I have been really lucky and managed to win a number of giveaways over the last
couple of weeks.  I just wanted to show you some of the beautiful things I've won.

A Beautiful Fabric Card

The giveaway was held at:
& the beautiful card was provided by:

A beautiful and really cute zippy wallet

Made and given away by:

A Beautiful Bracelet & Cards

This picture really doesn't do it justice. 

A Sharp Crochet Hook

I have so many things I want to make with this :-)

Ad space

A beautiful Puppy Blanket Pattern:

Provided & Giveaway held at: 
I would recommend following Melissa as she has some new patterns that look fantastic!

A Beautiful Soft and Pretty Earwarmer:

Made, provided and giveaway held on: 

A fantastic choice of pattern

Giveaway held by and pattern provided by:

2 patterns of my choice

Toddler's Warm Crochet Slipper PDF Pattern Sizes 3-8  Boys or Girls

The giveaway & patterns were provided by: 
Go and take a look at her site she has some fantastic patterns!

I am just so lucky to have won such beautiful things!
You never know I might have a FO of one of the patterns tomorrow ;-)

Hope you are all having a good day


  1. You poor sweet lady. Those people should be shoved in a drawer under one of those beds and then have a sumo wrestler jump on the bed for oh lets see maybe a good four hours. This is terrible. Congrats on all your wins and thanks for the little advertisement for my blog. I love you for it.

  2. I'm so sorry you've had so much trouble with the whole bed situation!! Company's really seem to not care about the customer these days, don't they! :-( I hope you get it resolved soon...And congrats on all your won items. Nice!