Thursday 8 March 2012


Sorry to post twice in one day but I had to let you see this!

I won a £50 voucher for Bombay Duck
The giveaway was held at:
Bombay Duck's website:

I ordered my items and asked how much for p&p
they said they would pay for it as well!

The very next day my package arrived!

As you can see Little Red & Benji were very excited by the parcel as well!

When we opened it we were so surprised:

Everything was gift wrapped!

It looked beautiful!

I got a set of 3 boxes, beautifully made, fit inside each other and have lids!
They are made with weaved material.  The are soft, beautiful & very well made.
A baby box for all the baby memories I have of Little Red's - the box is a fantastic idea as it come flat packed and you just popper the sides together and it's made.  I love the design of the dog and blue box for boys & a choice of bunny pink for girls or duck egg blue with kitten.
A toothbrush holder, very sturdy so it doesn't fall over and matches our downstairs bathroom perfectly.
A Letter Hook for Little Reds room.  This is a beautiful metal hook that has been painted and then aged to make it look even more beautiful!
A sented candle with the letter D on it. 
A beautiful tea light holder.  There are pin holes in the shape of Christmas trees and stars.
When you put a candle in it the shapes are lit up so lights up the room like Christmas.
The smaller items were also packed in a beautiful box that I will be keeping for me :-)!

I would highly recommend this company!
It was just like Christmas!
If you are looking for a beautiful gift or treating yourself I would highly recommend Bombay Duck

The other company I would recommend is:

I would say the show room isn't the best looking but the quality of there
products and the service is fantastic.
As you know from my previous post we first tried to get a bed from Dreams.
We didn't succeed and are currently refusing us compensation.
One of the mums at school recommended this company.
We went and visited them yesterday.
Bearing in mind we have been waiting for our dreams bed since the 2nd Jan
I got a huge sock when I asked about delivery from G&B Beds!
The lady said she would just check when the van was in our area.
I was expecting at least a couple of weeks but no
she was checking whether it would be today or tomorrow.
The prices are fantastic!
The quality is good!
They are deliverying TOMORROW!
When she asked if we were ok for the delivery I mentioned that I would
have to pick Little Red up from school
she said it was no problem and that she would make sure the delivery was there before 3pm!
We have ordered a bed for Little Red:
As his current bed is too tall for me to be able to change the sheets.
Due to my CFS I am struggling with changing beds etc.
Little Red is sooo excited by his new bed!
We have also ordered ourselves a new Divan and Mattress.
Both are being delivered tomorrow
& the price is a lot less than the price we were paying for one
bed from Dreams.
In future I am going to make sure there isn't a local company
in our local area that can provide a better service for our larger items. 

So now go and check out Bombay Duck


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