Monday 4 March 2013


I would like to say a huge thank you for all your support.
You have really touched my heart!

I'm still not out of the woods yet
but I'm able to inflate my lungs now
and able to get a couple of hours sleep at a time.

Something I thought of whilst I was ill was the things
that I automatically do as a mum with a disability.
I thought I'd give you a few of my hints and tips
if you are a mum that gets sick.

Now mums aren't meant to get sick so when you do it can have
HUGE affect on the household.
The big things that can help:
  • A couch you can lie and sleep on around the children. (just being near them can have an affect on what they do or don't do)

    • Paints and messy toys out of reach - if they can't reach them then hopefully it will be only toys they'll be playing with.

      • Food in easy reach for children to get themselves. Little Red has a cupboard at bottom with crisps, cereal, some chocolate. In the fridge on the bottom shelf is yoghurt, cheese and other easy things. Also fruit in easy reach on the table.

        • Drinks that don't need pouring. Mini plastic bottles of drink are brilliant or fruit drinks

          • Lots of stacks of films & children's programs
            • Have everything to hand that you will need:
              • Drinks - get a jug of juice if it means it's close to hand
              • Any medication or tissues etc (I also have a bucket), close enough for you but out of reach of children. 
                • Phone at hand

                  • Keep a shopping list on hand. Every time you need something add it to the list. If you can't go shopping you have at least got a list at hand if someone else can go for you. Also have an emergency fund to pay for it.
                  • Ask for Help!  Try and get a support network. Even if it's only one person who will take your children to school for you. It makes such a difference.

                  These may seem like little things but it makes being ill slightly easier.


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