Friday, 8 March 2013

I've Made Friday Week 49

Good Morning Everyone.
I hope you are all having a good week
and are looking forward to the weekend.

I'm feeling slightly better.
Not counting my chickens yet
but feeling a lot more positive.

Now as I can't move amount much
I've been crocheting :-)

First is a set of Newborn Ruffled Leg Warmers
This is a free pattern by Manda Nicole
This was a really easy pattern to follow.
I choose to stick to the one colour
but as you can see they look fantastic in 2 colours.

This is the  3 mnth free pattern - Blessing Day Bonnet by Aeshetic Nest Crochet
This is another easy pattern to follow.
Mine came out quite large so I think I would use a smaller
hook size if I made another one.

 This is another free newborn crochet pattern for
I enjoyed this pattern but I found it quite confusing and there are mistakes.
There isn't a stitch count on each row
and this means you only find the mistakes when you are trying to make the next row.
It's such a shame because it is a really beautiful pattern.

It has taught me quite a few things!
I like to have a gauge and an approx. size.
it's very difficult to know if it's coming out the right size if you don't have anything
to compare it to.

Another free newborn pattern.
This is a super easy pattern to follow!
Really good fun to make and I think it looks ever so cute!

Firstly I wanted to show you the difference a little bit of sunshine makes.
All of the above have been made in the same yarn
but add a bit of sunshine and look at the difference.

Now I LOVE this pattern.
As you know Lisa's Heirloom Designs
is one of my favorite designers.
I love her use of stitches to make such beautiful designs.
The above pattern is her Elegant Carolyn Sweater
Elegant Carolyn Sweater Crochet Pattern Sizes Newborn, 0-3 and 3-6, 6-9 and 12 Months
This pattern was well worth the purchase.

Sorry still not finished any books.
I'll hopefully have one finished for next week.

Me & Little Red have something this week.
School is giving the children some hammer beads
to bring home and make a penguin.
It wasn't quite as planned as one of the children has lost the board.
Luckily we had a square board at home.
It just took a bit longer to figure out how to make it as the penguin board
was shaped. 

I've been working on some of the Craftsy courses
but as I haven't finished them yet I'll give you an update next week.
I am loving them and I would highly recommend them.

I'm currently following
the tunisian crochet course


Now it's your turn
It doesn't have to be crocheting
anything you've made is more than welcome!
Please try and visit at least 2 other sites
to see what other people have been making.
Can you also put the pin and link to this page
so that we can get more people joining in.

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  1. All you stuff looks great.

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