Friday 3 February 2012

Question for my readers!

I have a very big question for you my readers!
As you know I've been entering a number of giveaways this week.
The question to vote on is:
Keep the giveaways on this blog
Create a new blog for the giveaways

The choice is YOURS!
What ever most people vote for is what I will do.

I don't want to loose you my readers!


  1. I think a new page for the Giveaways is great!

  2. either way is fine with me!:)

  3. Either way for me too. I' will have to add you to my Bloglovin list again though if you create a new pafe but that's not too hard :)

  4. Since you're on blogspot you could always just put it on a new "page" instead of a completely new blog. That way, it shows up as a link on either the top or in the sidebar of this blog and it's easily accessed from current readers, easy for you to update without the hassle of managing two blogs at once. Just a thought :) I did that with my year of projects list and it was just so much easier than copying/pasting the list every week.

  5. Either way works. Whatever is best for you!

  6. For me, time is precious. I keep everything on one blog now. I don't even really do facebook. I figure if peeps want to find me, I'm all tied up pretty in one place ... my blog.

    I generally pick a day to introduce my giveaway and then I post to my sidebar and also remind everyone on the bottom of my daily post to enter as many times as they like. It works for as I simply can't contain too much stuff. :)

    RIGHT here if you please, that is my vote.

  7. One blog is best, on a page as was suggested earlier would work well to.

  8. I would like to thank all you wonderful readers! The decision is to keep it on this blog and try and create a new page that they will be on. It may take me a while to set it up as I've got some things to learn :-) but once it's finished I hope you will like it :-)

  9. Hi Susan! I have a Versatile Blog Award for you dear... Congrats!

    Can't wait for your giveaway blog!

  10. Hi Susan! I have a Versatile Blog Award for you dear... Congrats!

  11. Thank you ever so much for your comments! As you can now see I have created a giveaway page. I have put them in date order. The date is the date the giveaway finishes. I will try and keep it up to date and add more as I find them. I hope you all like the new format!