Monday 13 February 2012

The Living Room

First of all I want to warn you, I am
showing my house as it actually is!
I've tidied up a few bits but I'm unable to hoover
& polish so it doesn't look fantastic.

Our living room is only small!
This is the door in from the hallway and front door.
As you can see we have a small unit with the hi-fi and printer on.
On the wall is a small italian mask.
I also have photos everywhere of Little Red.
I think I need to come up with different ideas to display them.
Then we have a corner wrap around couch.
Yes that's Benji the dog fast asleep on the one part of the couch without a cover.
on the one main wall we only have picture at the moment.
This is a picture of hubby D and Little Red at the beach.
We then have another unit that the top slides open.
The other door goes into the dinning room.
we've recently had a wood burning stove fitted but we haven't done anything yet with the space.
In the corner is my wonderful rocking chair, a cupboard & shelves.
And then there is the t.v.

Now you can see why I need to start with some changes to the house.

I have set-up a Pinterest Board:

The things I need to consider:
We have a dog so that means mud!
In the North of England we see a lot of rain!
It needs to be easy to care for.
I can paint the furniture.
I love owls & the tree of life.

All ideas welcome. 
I am in the middle of making a throw for my rocking chair.


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