Monday 20 February 2012

Blog Hopping and funny story

Little Red came to me (whilst I wasn't looking)
and said look mum I'm flashing.
I got ready to tell him off till
I realized that he 
had put his flashing lights from his police car
down his pants and he was making it flash.
Serves mummy right for jumping to the wrong conclusion.
The again it does look rude

He thought he was being funny.

Today I'm joining in a blog hop.
I hope you'll join in too:


  1. What a fun blog hop!!! Quite the fun lineup!! Thanks for stopping by!! I'm your newest follower!! Your work is amazing!!!
    Have a fab day!

  2. oh my goodness that is REALLY funny!! it should be published in a magazine somewhere!
    i am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.

  3. Hi Susan!

    YOU ROCK for spreading the blog hop love!! Thank you for participating as well! Wishing you much success in your bloggy endeavors! New follower:)


  4. Stopping over via the blog hop! So nice to meet you! I'm a new follower.


  5. Thank you for all your wonderful comments! I'm following you back.