Sunday 4 November 2012

Guest Blogger Week 37 Silvercharmster

I would like to say a huge welcome
to Michelle

I live in New Jersey.  

That was never an especially interesting detail about me, until this week.  
This week all kinds of things changed in my state, thanks to Hurricane Sandy. 
This week, I learned that if you are going to be in the path of a hurricane, 
it’s actually better to be hit head on.  
We braced for the worst, since Sandy was scheduled to reach the jersey shore and run a direct route through our own Gloucester County on its way to Philadelphia. 
After the fact, we found out that the worst of a hurricane hits to the north of the center. 
It was actually a blessing to be the “direct hit.”
Thankfully, our area came through the storm relatively unscathed.  
Yes, there were lots of power outages, many long-term, and downed trees, but nothing like the destruction that occurred to our shore towns and all along the coastline into New York. 
So last night, after a week of Sandy and Sandy-fallout, as I was drifting off to sleep,
 I realized that I had completely forgotten my commitment to be a guest blogger this weekend
.  (OK – generally, me forgetting commitments, isn’t all that unusual to begin with – and it’s the reason that my trusty datebook is a constant companion).  
So I was annoyed with myself, but not especially surprised.
As I lay there – thinking about needing a blog topic - I realized that it made perfect sense to write about Sandy.
We all know that Knitters are wonderful people.
  It made perfect sense when I saw that there are lots of patterns for sale on Ravelry and elsewhere in support of Hurricane Sandy relief. 
In the hopes that this post may give someone an opportunity to help the many people who have lost so much, I thought I’d post a list of a few of these options.

Melissa Hahn is donating pattern sales for the month of November to the Red Cross.
Delaware Head Huggers is donating proceeds from this hat pattern to hurricane relief efforts.
Another option – the gorgeous Breckenridge Shawl

Robin Celli is offering 100% of the proceeds of sales of her Raindrops Hat pattern (designed during the storm) to hurricane relief

Lorna’s Laces has a set of 4 (yes, FOUR) of their most popular sock patterns

Designer Chrissy Gardiner is selling her Hurricane Socks in November and donating the full price of the pattern to the Red Cross Disaster Relief. 

Melissa Leapman is giving 100% of sales of her Hint of Lace Pullover to the Red Cross. Her goal is $5000.

Hooked4Life patterns are donating all their Patternfish sales for November to the NY Aquarium in Coney Island, devastated by the storm.

Patternfish will also donate fifty cents to the Red Cross Disaster Relief for each one of Kate Lemmers patterns sold by midnight EST Friday, November 9, 2012.
My apologies to anyone I missed!  And my sincere THANKS to all these designers who are willing to give of their time and talents to help others!

Thank you ever so much Michelle for your post!
I am really upset at myself for not realising where you live and what you were going through!
I am glad you are safe!
I hope everyone will do there bit to help.
It's a small world and if we can't help people in their time in need
when can we help people!
Below are Micelle's links as well.
I hope you will visit her sites as well!


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