Sunday 9 October 2011

Catch Up

Sorry I haven't been posting as much lately but it has been so busy!

When I first started to learn to crochet I made a blanket that was made up with lots of different stitches.  It was fantastic to learn all the different stitches but it didn't look great.  Last week I took it to pieces and have decided to make it into a shawl\blanket.  I am making a very large shawl that I can either put around my shoulders or I can use it on my lap as a blanket.  I found a wonderful crochet pattern online:

I have also made a small cowl/scarfelette, I haven't taken any pictures yet but I'll post them soon.

Today I am going to concentrate on some orders I have and then I'm going to make a small present for a friend who is getting married soon.

After all that it is finished I'm going to start making some new designs. 

Above is a picture of some of the things I've made.  I love making new designs for new animals etc.  I am just waiting on some information regarding my sons school fete.  I am going to have a table at the fete and going to see if I can sell some more of my hats.  I still haven't covered all the wool etc that I have bought but as I keep buying new wool I doubt I ever will.

I'll start taking some pictures as I finish making my hats etc this week and I'll post them for you to see.


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