Wednesday 26 October 2011


I finished my shawl blanket. There are mistakes in it but i love it. I should about 80 but i love sitting in my rocking chair with it on my lap, fire going n crocheting. I feel so relaxed n nothing gets in to stress me out once i crochet.
Things are a bit stressful at the moment as things maybe changing drastically but there is no point worrying about it as it's out of my hands.
My son Ryan is ill with a chest infection. I've been letting him choose the dvds to watch. So far it's been empire strikes back, hero squad n now on transformers the original cartoon film. As u can tell i'm really enjoying the t.v. today.
My shawl/blanket idea came from
I followed some of the pattern but then made it the size I wanted n put my own shell stitch round the outside to finish
Really good pattern to follow n i love the one i made.
Hope ur having a good wednesday!


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