Wednesday 5 September 2012

News Update!

Dear All 
There have been things going on behind the scenes.
I have been reviewing my patterns
& making sure they are available in a wider amount of sizes.
If you take a look at my patterns page
you will now see that more are now available in sizes 1 yr+
Within each of these patterns there is a size guide
and full instructions for sizes
1- 3 yrs
3 - 10 yrs
10 yrs+
If you have previously purchased a pattern in the size 3 yrs+
if you email me (susand1408 at gmail dot com) I will forward you the new pattern
with the new sizes.
There are a few patterns that haven't been amended yet.
These are more difficult to amend
so will take longer to be updated.
You can still purchase the patterns and if they are updated
you will receive the new sizes free of charge.

Don't forget to enter the giveaways!

Hope you have a fantastic day!


  1. Susan, it's really nice of you to update patterns for past customers. That's impressive. These are all so cute.