Friday 6 July 2012

I've Made Friday Week 16

Wow Friday already

This week has been Penguin Fun
I have decided to make each item for each animal
at the same time.
I have put together an ebook for the Penguin Theme
& will be doing the same for each animal in turn (hopefully)
Little Red thinks it's Christmas.

So this week I made:
A penguin Ami
A Penguin Bag
A Penguin Bib
A Penguin Charm\Decoration
A Penguin Scarf to match the Penguin Hat
A Penguin Kindle Cover
A Penguin Mobile
They are all available at:
at Ravelry:
or contact me direct
susand1408 at gmail dot com

This week I've been reading
Little White Lies
by Aimee Laine
This book really confused me.
I love the authors writing
and I really like the story itself.
My big problem with it is the information is released
to you in the story at the wrong time.
I spent the first 40% of the book confused and feeling
like I had missed something.
You could tell the author knew the answers and was
writing it from that perspective.
The only thing is she didn't tell you the reader.
By 60% you knew little bits but were still really confused
as to what was going on.
Everytime you thought right this is where the story was going
it would swap to somewhere else.
The different parts of the plot worked really well I just
don't think enough was explained and the transition from
one part of the story to the next was too rushed.
When you finally understand what it going on with 
Charley & Wyatt you are thrown a curve ball that
seems a bit rushed.
I would have made the ending sequence a bit longer
with more explanation and happenings.
Spoiler alert:
The ending comes too easy and if you had met your true
love you would recognize that it wasn't him straight away.
I think as the author grows her books will be fantastic.
She does needs to be more aware of how a story reads
to someone who doesn't know all the answers.
I give this book
3 out of 5 

Now what have you been making this week?

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  1. I love the mobile! All wonderful items!!

  2. I adore all of those penguins! Too cute.

  3. Love the penguins. I've been an owlie person but now, hmmm

    1. Thank you ever so much! It's ok Owls is the next one on the list once I've finished the halloween hats :-)

  4. That's a lot of penguins for one week!

  5. I love penguins because they are one of the few animals that mate for life. And they are so cute in their tuxes XD. Your projects are so adorable XD