Friday 16 December 2011

FO Friday 16/12/11

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Before I get to my finish off  Fridays I need to SQUEEEEEEE - this is the first time ever but look at the picture:

Just can't wait to make things out of them :-)
Today is a happy day!

My son was up at 2am this morning with earache :-(.  This means going out to my christmas party is cancelled. It's lucky that we can't go as it's not stopped snowing all morning:

Doesn't look much but round here the roads go to a stand still with the slightest snow.

Now to the things I've been making this week.  Sorry I didn't post any WIPs but I'd finished everything that day.

I've made 3 of these scarfs as presents for the ladies in our family.  I hope they like them!

The pattern is really easy to follow.  I made mine with aaron and made it slightly shorter but I really like how they have turned out.

A friend wanted a phone holder for her mother-in-law.  This is the first one I've ever made and I think it turned out quite well.  I hope she likes it.

I got the pattern from:

It's a fantastic pattern to follow, very easy and step by step photo's to follow.

Hope you like my FO's.  I'm off to go and make a tea cosy for my mum for christmas.


  1. The scarf looks gorgeous - I'm sure your family will love them!

  2. Sorry to see you're putting up with snow, and hope the ear ache goes away soon. Nice scarves.

  3. you do beautiful work Susan and I love that you got more for your stash

  4. I really like the scarf, great gift idea!

  5. Those scarves are going to be well-loved gifts, what a nice pattern! I'm definitely tempted by it, I love that scalloped-edge look.

    And I hope your son is feeling better soon.

  6. I love all that gorgeous yarn! Your scarves are going to be a hit for sure. :-) Merry Christmas and thanks BUNCHES for the follow!!!

  7. The scarves are going to be wonderful gifts. You did a great job on your first phone holder. I liked how you personalized it, too.

  8. Still strikes me as funny that as a Canadian I need to look at UK blogs to see snow in December !?! Fantastic scarves - they're sure to be very popular. Can't wait to see the tea cosy!

  9. hope your son is better soon, nothing worse than ear ache . phone case is great !

  10. Thank you everyone for your kind comments! My son is a lot better thanks. Some nice warm olive oil seemed to do the trick. Only a few more days at school and then we can relax and have fun at Christmas! Hope you are all having fun in the lead up to Christmas.