Friday 28 December 2012

I've Made Friday Week 40

I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas and is ready for the New year coming.

I'm afraid I haven't finished anything this week.
As you can imagine with visiting family.
Spending time with Hubby & Little Red
there hasn't been much time for crocheting.

I can however show you what presents I got for christmas.
As you know I got my 2 dolls
so I can start designing more baby items:
R.C. & Jack Frost
(Little Red named them. R.C. is out of transformers)
I called the girl Sophie but it's now become a habit
to call her R.C.

I got a beautiful wooden hook.

I also got:
A lite hook.
The weather has been so dismal lately that crocheting
with any dark yarn isn't fun.
Hence a lite hook :-)

I also got quite a few clothes and other things for my dolls.
My mum and dad are also taking us to London.
Little Red really wants to go but as you can imagine with my
illness it is difficult for me to be able to handle going
round London.
My mum and dad have arranged that me, hubby, Little Red
& them are going. 
I can then go out with them in the morning
and spend the afternoon resting.
I am so blessed to have such a fantastic family.

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