Friday 19 October 2012

We Can But Dream

(If you are looking for I've Made Friday it's still here:
I've Made Friday Week 31I've Made Friday Week 31 )

Winter is on it's way.

I don't know about you but this is my normal look:

Not a good look I know.
I think it's about time I made an effort and get the 
outside looking like the inside.

Oh but to dream of Next.........................................

This is my chosen outfit for the school run.
You want to be comfy, warm but have that bit of sexyness in there:

 Now the trousers are comfy, hardwearing but give you that sexy edge:

Something warm on that ties all the outfit together:
The cardigan is optional but gives you that extra layer of warmth if you need it:
Now to carry on the sexy horsy theme I think a good pair of boots with set the whole outfit off:
All that's left is your handbag. Now a bag needs to be versatile and functional as well as easy to carry. 
All that's left is a coat that's going to keep you dry, warm and long enough to cover your jumper and cardigan:

Now the ultimate dream would be a night out with my hubby..............................

How many times a year do you get dressed up
and go out on a date with your partner?
Isn't Christmas the perfect time to make that effort :-)

There is nothing better than a black dress. 

And even a black jacket to match
Now there is nothing better than a sexy pair of black heels to set-off your outfit
And a fantastic clutch bag to carry on the theme.
A beautiful necklace
And a beautiful watch and earings to match.

Your outfit is now complete and you can have a fantastic night out.

Now my other dream is to look beautiful on Christmas Day.......................................

Now I picked a practical look that is good for
visiting all those relatives
and good for getting on the floor with your kids and playing with them.
Not only that but you'll be fine in the kitchen.

I choose this top as it's beautiful, pretty, looks smart yet has tight arms so won't be a problem whilst cooking.
It had to be trousers for me. Getting on the floor and building lego with a 6yr old doesn't do well in a skirt.
It will also keep me warm if the biting wind is about.
As soon as I saw this bag I just knew it had to be part of my outfit. I love the colour and it sets off the top perfectly.
I think these shoes match everything perfectly. With a heel keeping it sexy but not too high to not be able to run around having fun.
What's better than a beautiful cape that you can throw on whilst going round visiting all your friends and relatives.

Now these are my 3 dream choices of outfits. Each of the pictures are linked for you. Why don't you pop over to Next and see what outfit you want.

I haven't received anything from Next for this review but I am going to be entering in a competition they are holding.


  1. Dreaming is always fun. Hey, get out your yarn and make that sweater with the Popped in for the Friday meme, but didn't see it?

    Sandy's Space

  2. That my normal look too while im at home, sweat pants or jeans and a hoodie. When your home or running errons, you just want to e comfy. But Im with you, sometimes at least a couple times a week, i want to put on some attractive clothes and makeup.
    Your outfits are cute! I love fall styles.

    1. It's just so true, I really should make the effort some of the time. I do envy the mums (sometimes) that have the energy and time to get up, make themselves look fantastic and still get their child to school on time with all their stuff. I am a snuggly person so I perfer to be wrapped up all snuggly and warm.