Monday 22 October 2012

Spotlight Post 1

Spotlight Post

This is going to be a feature from now on.
It won't be done regulary 
just as and when I feel someone needs 
to be spotlighted.

This week I would like to feature my
best friend

She has just updated her site:
Mel's Daisy Patch Crochet and Crafts

She is a fantastic crocheter & has some fantastic patterns!
Here are just some of the wonderful patterns
she has for sale:

 Little Piggy    
 This is the one I made from the pattern
 Here is one of the ones I made from the pattern

 Her latest Snowman set (either togther or seperate)

Please check out her site as she has other crochet patterns 
& she even has cross stitch patterns for sale:


  1. You are such a dear dear friend to feature me today!! I can't thank you enough!! <3 :o)

    1. You derserve the spotlight, you are a fantastic crochet designer.