Wednesday 11 April 2012

What You Doing Wednesday Week 3

Well half way through the week already!
I hope you week is going well.
Well it's that time of the week for us to show you
what we have been up to.


Today I have to say a big huge Thank you
to the best friend you could possibly have!
Melissa from Lazy Daisy

She was the kindest person ever
and sent me some wonderful birthday gifts!

As you can see from the picture she sent me
some of her latest designs!
The flower can be a hair clip, necklace, broach, bracelet (anything you want it to be).
she also sent me matching pens and post it notes.
The gecko pattern I won
& the most amazing hook!
I just can't wait to start using it!
Her son even sent my son a present as well!


I'd show you another picture of the car but Little Red ran off and has been playing with it ever since!

We have had some fun over the last couple of days making some salt dough Easter Decorations.
Here is the first part of the make:

1 cup of salt
2 cups of plain flour
1 cup of water
Mix, roll & cut
Put in an oven on a low heat and leave for a couple of hours
till they are dry all the way through.

He even did the washing!
Come back and find out what they look like once Little Red has decorated them.

Right time to show you what I'm making this week.
As you know I've been doing a bit more on my African Flower Blanket:

As you can see it's getting a lot bigger and you can't see all of it on the page.

I am also in the middle of another pattern but
this is all I am going to show you:

I am currently reading:

I love a good Vampire Story & I really like the way this story is going!

So what have you been making this week?
Link up to what you are making
check out what other people are making as well!


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  1. I really like your African Flower Blanket, really nice colour combo.


  2. your african blanket is just gorgeous, and salt dough decorations are so much fun with kids - i love to bake with mine!!! have a great wednesday and enjoy your happy mail x

    1. Thank you ever so much. If I am up to it we are meant to be baking this afternoon :-)

  3. Very nice blanket and what an awesome gift in the mail!!

    I am popping in from Tami's WIP Wednesday. My project is here..

  4. I am impressed. How do you fit everything in? I think I need you to give me a lesson in time management :)

    amy @

    1. I don't. I cheat and write as many posts as possible in advance. If I haven't got anything for that week I post something previously made or link to other people beautiful handmade items. It is good to have the daily plan to work around as I can do it all when I am fit to post and then don't have to worry when I can't

  5. I am working on a custom order for a Missoni Inspired baby blanket here

    Black and white are colors that seems to be very popular with the modern mom and baby! I'm having to squeeze it in with my kitchen remodel! ARG!

    Have a great hump day!


  6. Sorry Sue,

    I linked last weeks post instead of this weeks this morning. Have re-linked to todays' post.

    Thanks again for hosting


  7. Happy birthday!
    The African Flower Blanket is soooo pretty!

  8. The blanket looks gorgeous!

  9. Love this!!

    I am also a crochet addict...I've been crocheting since Jan of this year...needless to say, I'm HOOKED!!

    1. Crochet does that, what do you love making? As you can tell I love hats ;-)

  10. Absolutely beautiful! and beautiful colors! Thanks for sharing!