Saturday, 18 May 2013

Crochet Hooks

Good Morning Everyone.
I hope you are enjoying the weekend!

Today's Post is about Crochet Hooks.
I wanted to find some beautiful
hooks for you on Etsy.
I hope you like my selection.

Victorian crochet hook. Circa 1872, England. CLOVER, Soft Touch Crochet Hook (6 / 1.00mm) 12 Piece Bamboo Crochet Hook Set
Crochet Hooks, Titanium, Rainbow Colours, 5mm Crochet Hooks: New Clover Amure Soft Touch Hooks Set Antique Bone Ivory crochet hook
polymer clay crochet hook Size B Crochet Hook Keychain Dark Blue Handmade Clay Crochet hook handles Susan Bates and Boye
Jazz  Crochet Hooks New Hand Made polymer clay Covered Aluminum Crochet Hook-size 6.5 mm by myfiori 4.5 mm Embellished Crochet Hook
Crochet Lite Hook Light Up Crochet Hook Size J or 6.0 Knitters Pride Dreamz Symfonie Wood Crochet Hook Size K Boye Polymer Clay Covered Crochet Hook, Size D 3/ 3.25mm
Frog Polymer Clay Crochet Hook  Lamb Polymer Clay Crochet Hook Red Angriest Bird Crochet Hook
Polymer clay decorated steel crochet hook size 10 1.3mm  Stitch Safe Mini Crochet Hook for Dropped Stitches Caterpillar crochet hook
US Size H, NeedleLite SlimGrip Lighted Crochet Hook Bamboo crochet hook with sheep alpaca and more FR3E US SHIPPING Rustic Oak Crochet Hook - Handmade Eco-Friendly
Hermione's wand crochet hook grip Lightsaber crochet hook grip 5mm Hand carved Box wood crochet hook
Handmade Guatemalan Rosewood Exotic Crochet hook size K Handmade Poplar And Black Walnut Crochet Hook Size H Hand Carved Hook Size 18mm Great to customize
Hand Made Wood Crochet Hook  Curly Maple and Dymondwood 8mm Handmade Wood Crochet Hook Royal Indigo Wood size G Hand made Greek olive wood crochet hook
Wood Crochet Hooks, Handmade Handmade Wood Crochet Hook Heavenly Angel size G Hand turned Maple crochet hook.  Approx size "J"
SALE - Canarywood -  Wooden Thread Crochet Hook -- Hardwood, Steel -- Custom Size (DAYSTAR) Katherine Kowalski woodturning CROCHET HOOK -  Hand Forged Crochet Hook Acrylic Crochet Hook in Water Handle and  Case

I hope you like my selection :-)
There were just so many beautiful crochet hooks to choose from.
Each picture is linked to the item on Etsy.

Now what's you favorite type of crochet hook?


  1. That caterpillar one and sheep one are just too cute!! I think the caterpillar was my favorite one. I can just imagine crocheting away with him down there peeking up at you.

    1. You'll have to enter the giveaway on Sunday. It's just for the US and it's a crochet hook of your choice from Hootie Cutie Handiwork.

  2. They are all fantastic but that Victorian crochet hook is gorgeous! Oh, how I wish it were mine :)

    1. It is especially beautiful. I know what you mean.

  3. Wow Sue, what a selection! I am amazed at the different possibilities out there for crochet hooks....what fun :) thanks for sharing!

    1. I am glad you like them. I might do another one in the future because I've found more since then :-)

  4. Oh my you've spoilt us for choice. What wonderful hooks. They lovely to look at never mind use. Thanks for sharing.
    Ali x

    1. You are more than welcome. They were a joy to find. There is a giveaway on Sunday to win a hook and I should hopefully have some more coming up.